Anthems Quilt Exhibit



On June 12, 2016, the LGBTQ community was rocked by the massacre at Pulse Nightclub. While there was a huge outpouring of support for the victims of Pulse from within the Quilt Community, there were a marked number of homophobic commentaries as well.  

Many of us realized we'd chosen to be members of a community where we are not necessarily valued as whole beings, but rather for one specific aspect – the quilting. With comments such as ‘I’m not homophobic … but’ – the tokenism we'd encountered in Quilting became ever so obvious. 

For many LGBTQ Quilters we faced a turning point in the community – to either remain silent and accept the hate that was thrown at us, or to speak out and speak up against the prejudices found in the community. 

In the 1980s we learned that Silence=Death. So the question arises as to how do we, as a group of LGBTQ Quilters, demonstrate who we are within the Quilting Community? Easy - through our ART. Thus arose Anthems, a Special Exhibit about our lived experiences in quilting.

The exhibit will debut at International Quilt Festival - Chicago, in April 2018.

We are also looking at marketing the exhibit to Pride organizations across North America- creating a venue for more controversial pieces.

Your Task

Choose your anthem! Choose a song that represents an aspect of being an LGBTQ Quilter, or of your coming out experience, and create an Art Quilt.

Given the association of the Pink Triangle as a symbol of both massacre and resistance - we've decided that ALL QUILTS should be equilateral triangles - 30" on each side.

Deadlines Submissions and Such

Deadline for submissions is October 31, 2017.

Please submit your quilt to .

For more information about The Challenge, please contact: